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Preorder your shirts and pins online now! You can order shirts and pins online by credit card!


Order now - deadline to order Tshirts for State is March 23!

Pins and t-shirts may be ordered by individual team members and parents. You do not need a PayPal account to pay.


Pins and t-shirts will be batched by team and given to the Team Manager at the tournament for distribution to team members -- so it's important to include the TEAM MANAGER name on your order in order to receive it!

"Batty for DI" TVNC Bat pin - Order by April 6

Texas DI 2024 Theme "Batty for DI"

Each region has a different pin design.

This is very tradeable, but is different from the Texas DI pin for State-bound teams.


Batty for DI.jpg

TVNC Regional Tournament Pin Set - "Caught in the Web of of Creativity" - Order by April 6

4-piece puzzle pin set

Each piece is 2", 4" diameter when put together

TVNC Regional 2024.jpg

TVNC  Regional Tournament T-Shirt - Order by March 23

Design on Front

Design on a black shirt

$15 each ($17 for XXL - XXXL)

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