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TVNC Tournament

Saturday, Feb 24, 2024

Newman Smith High School, 2335 N. Josey Ln, Carrollton, TX 75006 (map)

Doors open @ 7am-ish. All teams enter main entrance.

Information posted as it becomes available...

Health & Safety Statement (COVID-19 & Rules of the Road)

If any team members, Team Managers, supporters, or volunteers are sick within 48 hours prior to the tournament, the sick person must not attend. Additionally, anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 at any point within 5 days of the tournament is asked to stay home.

Participation Certificate Here. Download and print for your team members!

Important Announcement for the TVNC Tournament:

This will be a peanut-free event! We have students with serious peanut allergies. Please leave all peanuts at home!

Volunteer! Click HERE to sign up! Teenagers welcome! We give community service hours!

Team Concessions Menu - Donuts in the morning and Pizza at popcorn and lots of snacks & drinks!

Tournament Guides & Tips

Tournament Forms

Your team will need to fill out the online Tournament Data Form, Expense Report, and Prep Checklist, which includes the Declaration of Independence. These forms can be found in the Resource Area of Quick video on how to fill them out HERE!

Know Your Challenge Color to Find Your Challenge Sites

  • Technical: Pinball Heroes - Orange

  • Scientific: Blast From the Past - Yellow

  • Fine Arts: In Motion - Blue

  • Improvisational: So Extra - Pink

  • Engineering: Going the Distance - Green 

  • Service Learning: Uncharted - Gray

  • Rising Stars: Making a Splash - Red

  • Texas Extreme Creativity - Beige

  • General Signs - Gold


Tournament Site Restrictions

  • In the use of weapons, we will use the Rules of the Road directive concerning weapons which is found under J. Safety Guidelines and Restrictions, 16 on page 31 in the Rules of the Road.

  • The following will NOT be allowed at the tournament in your challenge solutions: 

    • Dry Ice 

    • Turning the lights off in a performance



  • Helium balloons must be kept under the team's control at all times.​

  • The use of latex in challenge solutions is no longer banned, unless explicitly stated in a specific challenge.  

  • Glitter and/or confetti are NOT allowed. If you have glitter on a prop or costume, place something underneath to catch the glitter. The team is responsible for cleaning up the site at the end of the performance. Any glitter/confetti mess left by a team will result in a deduction. Remember to check Rules of the Road about clean-up requirements.

General Tournament Schedule


  • Performances – roughly 8:30 am to 4:00 pm depending on the challenge.

  • Competitive Team Awards - tentatively @ 5 pm, Small Gym. (Depends on performance schedules)

  • Going to State Meeting – Wednesday, February 28 @ 7pm (Zoom)

Advancement to Affiliate (State) Tournament (more info here:

  • No advancement for Early Learning.

  • 1st place in every level for Technical, Scientific, Fine Arts, Improv, Engineering, Service Learning and Texas Extreme Creativity

  • Additionally - DEPENDENT ON THE FINAL TEAM COUNT  - 2nd place for Technical (EL), Scientific (EL), Fine Arts (EL), Engineering (EL), Service Learning (EL) and Texas Extreme Creativity (SL).

Bonus Teams Policy 

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