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Thank you for your interest in appraising at the

Trinity Valley North Central Regional Destination Imagination Tournament. 

Click here to register to appraise.

Appraiser Perks and Qualifications:



Appraisers are valued members of the tournament “staff” and we take good care of them. Throughout the day we  feed them breakfast, lunch, snacks and cold drinks and give them breaks. Job advancement is also available in the opportunity to appraise at the Texas DI affiliate tournament at University of Texas at Arlington. For more information, contact your district coordinator. 

Appraiser Qualifications:

  1. Must be at least 18 years old and no longer enrolled in high school. We will accept high school seniors who have participated in DI for a number of years. 

  2. May not appraise the performance of a team which includes his/her own family member. Exception:  Rising Stars appraisers may appraise their own family members on Rising Stars teams ONLY, since it is  non-competitive. 

  3. May not appraise the performance of a team for which he/she has served as a Team Manager.

  4. Must attend a half-day Appraiser Training workshop. 

  5. Does not need to have prior DI experience or training.

Also, please select an appraiser who is NOT the parent of one of your team members or anyone else who expects  to see your team perform, unless you have a Rising Stars team. Consider co-workers, neighbors,  club/community/church friends, teachers, administrators, etc.


Your appraiser will very likely NOT get to watch  your team perform.

Note: appraisers will NOT be able to leave their tournament site to watch another team  perform. This includes Rising Stars appraisers.

Qualities of a DI-namic appraiser:
A person who:

  1. Enjoys working with kids, has a good sense of humor and has a sense of fairness in appraising.

  2. Commits to learn as much as possible about the assigned Challenge and enjoys working as part of a team.

  3. Is punctual and honors his/her commitment to come to training and the tournament.

  4. Appreciates creativity in all its forms!!


Appraiser roles:
For Team Challenges, a typical Appraisal Team consists of a least 7-11 people per site, including scoring  appraisers and support officials (Organizer, Timekeeper/Announcer). For Instant Challenges, a typical Appraisal  Team consists of 4 people per site, all of whom score.

All appraisers must attend a half day of training held virtually on February 10 from 8:30 am - 12:30 pm. There will not be an option to view the recording at a later date.


The TVNC DI Regional Tournament will be held on February 24 at Newman Smith High School in Carrollton. Most appraisers will start after 8 am and we expect to be done by mid-afternoon - actual times vary by challenge and will be given to you after the schedule is complete.

Just as kids couldn’t have a DI team without YOU, their Team Manager, it would be impossible for us to have a DI competition without Tournament Appraisers.

It is the Team Manager’s responsibility to ensure that the team’s appraiser signs up HERE

You may submit the name of more than one person to serve as tournament appraiser!!

Questions? Email 

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