Registration and/or Zoom links for training is found on the Calendar page of this website.

TVNC provides a variety of training resources for Team Managers (TMs) in order to make training accessible. Methods of delivery are:

  • Virtual Training – some trainings will be covered in webinar format (via Zoom), which will be recorded and posted for viewing at a later date. 

  • Live Training – has the best content and interaction to provide the best quality training experience. TMs should plan to attend live training if at all possible.

  • YouTube Videos – short presentations about specific topics. Some of the topics covered in videos are not covered in live training. That information is provided in this guide.

  • Handouts – all handouts used in training plus additional handouts are posted on the Resources page of this website, organized logically.

  • DI, Inc. Online Training – recorded training that addresses many topics. Team managers who register on the DI, Inc. website at after receiving a team number will receive an invitation to use this training facility. The platform is Adobe Captiva.


2021-2022 All Virtual Training (check the calendar page for Zoom links)


Returning Competitive Team Manager Training

  • For: Team Managers who have been managing a team more than 2 years

  • Topics covered:

    • In-depth discussion of best practices and tips through idea-sharing

    • Use of Project Management tools

    • Roundtable on How Region Can Support TMs Better

  • Goals: Expand your knowledge on how to lead your team through the DI process and share your best tips


Intro Training Part 1 – Competitive levels

  • For: 1st year TMs new to DI

  • Topics covered:

    • What is DI and the Philosophy of no Interference

    • Roles of the TM

    • Use of the program materials (Rules, roadmap, challenges)

    • Additional resources available (websites, handouts)

    • How to Get Started with the 1st 1 or 2 team meetings

  • Goals: TMs understand and are comfortable beginning to meet with their teams.


Intro Training Part 2 – Competitive levels

  • For: First and second year TMs. Part 1 is not a prerequisite

  • Topics covered:

    • Greater depth about planning for and holding team meetings

    • How to gauge the season Timeline.

    • Teamwork and teambuilding – integral to DI success.

    • Rules of Interference – the basis for the program.

    • Great refresher for 2nd year TMs.

  • Goal: TMs are comfortable with going forward with their teams.


Rising Star Training – Early Learning, K-2nd grade 

  • 1st Hour: For 1st Year Rising Stars TMs

    • Overview of the DI program materials

    • Roles of the TM

    • How to get started

    • Tips for conducting meetings over the DI season timeline

  • 2nd Hour: For All Rising Stars TMs

    • Comprehensive understanding of this year’s challenge.

    • Strategies for managing younger kids

    • How to have a successful, fun experience getting to the tournament with a solution of which the team is proud.

Instant Challenge Training  

  • For: 1st and 2nd Year TMs, optional for Rising Stars TMs are welcome.

  • Topics Covered:

    • What is Instant Challenge?

    • Why and how it is critical to the DI process and creative problem solving.

    • Learn strategies to start with the basics and build up to solid IC skills with your team.

    • Learn about the IC resources.

    • Highly interactive training.

  • Goal: To come away knowing how to manage your team through the process.

Understanding the Challenge Training – Competitive Levels

  • For: All Competitive Team Managers

  • Part I - overview:

    • How to break down the team’s chosen challenge into a manageable project.

    • How to maximize the points with the scoring rubric.

    • Review standard wording for correct interpretation of the challenge.

    • Revisit Rules of the Road that will affect the team’s performance.

    • How to incorporate Team Choice Elements into the overall presentation.

  • Part II - Challenge-specific training (to be held on several subsequent evenings):

    • Break into challenge specific groups.

    • Walk through the team’s chosen challenge with a challenge expert

    • Emphasis is on understanding the challenge, not on defining or approving a solution.

Tournament Prep Training:

  • Rising Stars Level

    • Length: 1 hour

    • Topics Covered:

      • Walk through the day including everything from preparing and practicing to performing and celebrating.

      • Includes check-in instructions, unloading and entering, and where everything is.

      • Audience information

      • Review of the challenge.

      • Review of the Event Map.

      • Schedules will be posted.

  • Competitive Level – 1st Year TMs

    • Length: 2 hours

    • Topics Covered:

      • Everything in the above description except from the perspective of a competitive team.

      • No review of the challenge.

      • Forms completion

      • Explanation of scores and picking up your team’s scores

      • Awards explanation

      • Explanation of the appraiser questioning process

      • Review of interference as it relates to tournament day.

      • Appeals process.

      • Review event map

      • Learn about new procedures or details for tournament sites.

      • Revisit some rules and behavior expectations

      • Schedules will be posted.

  • Goals (all Tournament Prep Training)

    • Ensure that TMs are comfortable with how to navigate the tournament.

    • Ensure that each team has a smooth, problem-free experience at a great celebration of creativity!

Training Videos

Videos are found on the Training Videos page of this website. Most of them are 15 minutes or less and can be done in any order. The following guide tells you what is covered and whether or not that information is also covered in TVNC In-Person Training. The Resources page indicates if the videos are new this year, or updated.


Registering with Destination Imagination

  • How to set up an account on the DI, Inc. website.

  • How to Purchase a team number

  • How to register your team on the DI, Inc. website.

  • How to download program materials (Challenges, Rules of the Road, Roadmap, Instant Challenge Practice Set)

  • Not covered in live training.


Tournament Registration


Rules and Roadmap Overview

  • General overview of the important sections of Rules of the Road.

  • General overview of the Roadmap.

  • Covered in Intro. Training Part 1.


TVNC Website Resources

  • Review of the TVNC website.

  • How to register for training.

  • How to register for the newsletter

  • Deadline information

  • Where to find information on Workshops

  • Review of the Resources page

  • Some information is covered in Intro. Training Part 1 and Rising Stars Training.


How to Read the Challenge

  • Tips on how to read a challenge for interpretation of elements and score.

  • General walkthrough of one of the challenges.

  • Brief review of Tournament Data Forms.

  • Explanation of Clarifications

  • Covered more completely in Understanding the Challenge Training.


Nuts and Bolts – Tips for Team Managers

  • Roles of the Team Manager

  • Initial steps before meeting with your team

  • Parent and 1st Team Meetings

  • Subsequent Team Meetings

  • Team Manager Survival Tips

  • Most information covered in Intro. Training Part 1


Team Building

  • Diagnosing personality styles

  • How to work with team members with different personality styles

  • Stages of group development

  • Covered more completely in Intro. Training Part 2


Thinking Tools and the Creative Process

  • Stages of the Creative Process

  • How to use Thinking Tools to generate creative ideas

  • How to use Thinking Tools to focus on the most promising ideas

  • Why your team would use Thinking Tools


Team Choice Elements

  • Definition of Team Choice Elements and which challenges have them.

  • Rules regarding team choice elements

  • Different types of team choice elements and how they are scored

  • How to choose team choice elements

  • Covered in Understanding the Challenge Training


Using the Roadmap

  • The purpose of the Roadmap and overview of the sections

  • Discussion of the Guiding Your Team section and integration of the other sections.

  • Overview of the types of Agenda templates

  • Analysis of pros and cons of use of the Agenda templates

  • Recommendations for use of the Project Management Tools