For those who dare to travel to new places!

In order to encourage team members to dare to explore, the TVNC region has established an exciting award called the Magellan Award.

This award recognizes those kids who, over the years, have completed solutions to challenges in each of the 6 categories.  Named after Ferdinand Magellan, the first person credited with circumnavigating the globe, it reflects individual students’ efforts to travel to all of the Destinations in DI.

This is an individual award, not a team award. Team members may qualify by competing on multiple teams over the years.


The different types of challenges are:

  • Challenge A - Technical (Ex: Dig In, In the Zone, The Big Fix)

  • Challenge B - Scientific (Ex: Going to Extremes, Wind Visible, First Encounter)

  • Challenge C - Fine Arts (Ex: Laugh Art Loud, In Disguise, Picture This)

  • Challenge D - Improv (Ex: Pandemonium, Change in RealiTee, To The Rescue)

  • Challenge E - Engineering (Ex: The Tension Builds, Twist-O-Rama, In The Cards)

  • Challenge PO - Service Learning (Ex: Pitch and Play, Reel to Real, It's About Time)

The following are the rules for qualifying for the Magellan Award:

  • Only challenge solutions presented at TVNC regional tournaments qualify. Students do not receive credit for solutions in other regions.

  • The current year’s challenges may be included as qualifying challenges, but the team member’s team must participate at this year’s regional tournament to receive the award.

  • The application must be submitted by the deadline published at

  • Multiple challenge solutions per year are allowed, however it no team member will be allowed to credit more than 2 challenges toward the Magellan in a single year.

  • Qualifying challenge solutions may be submitted at the EL, ML and SL levels. Rising Stars and UL challenge solutions do not qualify.

DOWNLOAD the form and save to your device - then edit it from your device.

Form due January 8!